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      On the 23rd of February, took place another #OPOSEC meeting at Blip facilities in Oporto.   This was my first attend at a OPOSEC [...]
MySQL root Password Reset
  if by some reason you forgot your Mysql “root” Password, or you need to force a Mysql root password reset on a linux system, you can use [...]
Web Servers Security Hardening
  Reinforcing security on web servers can be a hard task for some web administrators. On the digital age we live in, everything is at risk of being [...]
Creating a proxy server with just one command
  This is a useful tip… i’ll show you how to create a socks 5 proxy server on Linux using only one command.   On those situations [...]
Script execution as root
  As a good security policy on Linux/Unix systems, it is advisable if not mandatory to avoid users programs to be run with root permission, however, [...]
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