July 1, 2018 - Hacking, Oposec, Security




The 28th of June was another OPOSEC meetup day!


Here’s the Agenda for this meetup:


Very excited about this meetup, two awsome topics, and the presence of a once “Most valuable Hacker” by HackerOne is something you can’t miss.




André’s Talk was an inside view of the bug bounty and CTFs (Capture the flag) word, how he got into it, how it works, most common reasons to get into it, really interesting.


More and more companys are starting to adopt bug bounty programs to help them identify problems that may have a big impact to the company.

Better have the god guys finding them firat then bad guys.


In This talk, André also explained how he found the bug that made him a “most valuable hacker” price and a bounty of 25000 dollars,  very complex and smart hack that allowed him to gain root access to shoppify stores.


Duarte talk was about GSM Hacking, how it’s possible to intercept, hijack and clone mobile data.

We were presented with equipments that allow us to jam GSM signals, or even fake a real GSM tower, forcing close by users to connect to the fake tower and therefore intercept data and even evesdropping sessions.

A very nice talk, this made us realize how there’s not privacy when we’re using our cellphones.


Quick tip: If you’re walking around somewhere with your phone connected to 4G and all of the sudden you drop to 2G, assume you might be getting your phone calls intercepted 🙂


As usuall, drinks were on the house, and plenty of food vavailable, you feel home when you’re surronded by hacker alike.


Augost is vacations month, there will be more talks in September.


Thank you OPOSEC.



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