OPOSEC [0x64]

July 9, 2017 - Hacking, Oposec, Security
OPOSEC [0x64]



29th of June was another OPOSEC day, the Oposec [0x64] meetup.



On this meeting there were 2 talks on the agenda:

– “Trust issues” by pushdword (PT)
– “From zero to something, with HackRF” by zezadas

These were 2 interesting topics, although i couldn’t be fully focused on the talks as i was in the midle of a conf call with some bosses, sharing my screen, i could still catch some of the talk and as usual, very nice talks.

The “Trust issues” talk showed us how a innocent anonymous free VPN service could turn into our worst nightmare.

Anyone can setup a VPN server, and allow pople to use it, now doing this, the VPN owner could run a specific program that would redirect all the traffic, capturing all sorts of interesting information.

Long story short, configure your own VPN server, don’t relay on other’s VPN, specially free services.
The other talk was focused of Radiofrequency hacking, we get to know hardware used to intercept signals, some of these are able to transmit which is very interesting, combined with a SDR (Software defined radio) we were presented with some radio talks intercepted.

Also, it was showned how a user can intercept a signal from the remote control of an electric gate and be able to retransmit that signal, and be able to open the gate with a laptop 🙂

Overall, it was another great talk, plenty of food and drinks, lot’s of new people, the number of attendance is increasing!

I also got to chat with a co-worker friend that recently became a Certified Ethical Hacker, a interesting and productive afternoon!

Looking forward for the next meetup.

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