May 30, 2018 - Hacking, Security

On the 23rd of May, I attended an international cyber security conference, that had the presence of some experts in the area and counted with close to 200 attendees.

This was the second event created by Instituto politécnico da Guarda and the first I attended.

The conference program was the following:

– An Internet Service Provider’s Constant Battle with DDoS Attacks: Fighting Back
– Historias del Ciberespacio
– Desafios da Proteção de Dados
– Ciber-soberania num mundo cada vez mais digital
– Crack Me Up! An introduction to Binary Reverse Engineering
– O Valor da Informação – o efeito Digital
– Necessidades de segurança nas infraestruturas de rede num ambiente IoT
– Exploring features and bad defaults… for message reading

With plenty of topics to talk about, this was a good conference to attend, and it started with “Turgay Ural ” talking about DDoS attacks impact on ISPs, specificaly in one of Turkey ISPs, where he works at, this was a very interesting talk, that showed me DDoS attacks are the majority of atacks out there and it can be hard predict and protect from.

Turgay is a prevous European Union Cyber Security manager, so he knew what he was talking about.

Another very interesting talk was “Deepak Daswani” talk about cyber space, Deepak is a spanish Etical Hacker, and he showed the public how “Whatsapp” comunications can be intercepted, and plenty of usefull information can be gathered, and how malware infected software can give bad people your information.

As an extra, Deepak showed an XSS exploit found at the website of the hotel he was staying on and an SQL injection on a IPG server (Instituto politécnico da Guarda, where the event took place).

Nice stuff 🙂

Another talk that standed out was André Batista’s “Crack me up”, he showed how it is possible to know how a program works without access to his source code, by reverse engineering it.

With plenty of weired code and decompilers, he showed how he patched a program to bypass the serial number validation, prety much cracking it’s validation.

André is one of portugal’s top Hackers, recently wining one of “Hacker One”‘s chalenge, that took place in the USA.

André already talked at Oposec in the past, which I attended, it’s always a pleasure to see him doing his magic.

Overall, this was a well worthit to attent event, I didn’t mind the 200KM trip to get there.

Can’t wait for the third one.

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